When I laugh and..

Fly high


When they laugh at your laughter and mock your friendly approach;

Its because it makes them uncomfortable.

My laughter doesn’t equal frivolous stupidity, neither your seriousness some great intelligence or depth.

My soul I bear and share with you while from you I get a stern glare.

Why so serious, you know it doesn’t make you important.  What are you covering, what are you so afraid to show.

Don’t take my lighthearted friendly way and twist it in your head, and see it as a weakness.

I’m strong enough to be vulnerable, and brave enough to be me.  I’ll fight all the way through any fear that arises, even your mockery.

You mock me from the fear of how you will be perceived, your very fear is letting go, so who you really are will really show, and then what will “THEY” think.

My life is mine and I want to connect with the person that you hide, because the walls behind which you live are blocking your very soul, from expressing a beauty that is all yours, and that’s what makes you you!

I don’t want to be like anyone else, why would I, WHY WOULD I?

Respect the right things.  Appearances are respected, while true depth is rejected.  Why so shallow, why are you living only on the surface?

What shame is lurking there?

It could be just the opinions of others, which you have taken on, and hold with great value.  Their every word, admonition, stayed deep within you, and chained you there. Their mockery of you, their rejection, their meanness, kept you bound.

And now you do the same, because that’s all you know.

Look inside, examine it.

Release yourself, the shackles aren’t real.

Embrace yourself, Rescue who you are.

Or you know what? May be you’re just an asshole!


I thought a lot about whether to add that last line, but then i said, what the hell! ;0)


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